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McGarry Public School, Virginiatown, Ont. : Grades 1 & 2, about 1941-43.

Grades 1 and 2, Virginiatown, Ont., about 1941-43

Top Row, L to R: Joe Oreskovitch, George Lacoque (Laroque?), Gordon Proctor, Larry Wilcox, Reggie Johnson, Ronnie Ross, Neal Clark, Billy McGrath, Oliver Walker.
Middle Row: Jerry Storie, Laurie Farrell, Sophie Manchellanko, Nellie Manchellanko, Frances Sampson, Jean Nault, Luba Didyk, Anne Oehring, Jean Slater, Fred Francoeur, Morris Nault.
Front Row: Joyce Denduck, Joan Palmer, UNKNOWN, Rosie Manchellanko, Eva Francoeur, Sophie Miers, Aline Gravelle, Jean Musial, Norma Palmer, Joan Oehring.

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