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Miss McMorin's Grade Two Class,
Virginiatown, 1945

Miss McMorin's Grade Two Class, Virginiatown, Ont., 1945

These kids were two or three years ahead of me. So far identified:
Back row, L to R: Harold Gunsinger, Nelson Fraser, Ed Peicheff, Jim Poulin, Glen Bassett, Gilbert Nelson, Leonard Gunsinger, ? Moses.
3rd row, L ro R: Miss Morin, Winnifred ?, Doris Laporte, Jeanette ?, (unknown), Leona Collison, (unknown), Jeanie Spack, Stella ?, Edmond Francoeur.
2nd row, L to R: Nick Radakovich, John Hanlin, Guy Rodeleau, Edward Lamoureux, JoAnn Eagle, Catherine Gray, Georgina ?, Rena Gervais, Nelson Frazer or a Barnard, and possibly either Monty Sampson or Carl Bucovetsky.
Front row: Bobby Scott, Billy Cyr, Barbara Ross, Sharon Evans, Nancy ?, Sally Bake, Alesia Duguay, Barbara Denny, Jean Gavin, Betty Bell, Billy Moore.

Can you identify the missing names or make corrections?

Thanks to for this photo.

And thanks to and his sister Barbara, for most of the names.

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