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Virginiatown, Ontario,
Kindergarten class, 1968-69

Virginiatown, Ont., Miss Manseau's kindergarten class, 1968-69
Miss Manseau's kindergarten class, 1968-69.
Back Row: (unknown), (unknown), Raymond Turcott, Angus Reynolds, Michael Zapotochny, 5th from right is Curtis Shepherdson, 2nd from right is Terry Prest.
Front Row: (unknown), Zineta Isich, 3rd from right is Sally Hums.

Student list for the above class:
Linda Armstrong, Christian Byer, Michael Greer, Sally Hums, Zineta Isich, Claire Lacroix, Claude Ludgate, Shelly McGuire, Terry Prest, Laurie Ramsay, Angus Reynolds, Gregory Riche, Debra Robinson, Anita Sarapuk, Curtis Shepherdson, Marie Anne Stransky, Raymond Turcott, Michael Turner, Kimberly Vanalstine, George Wilson, Michael Zapotochny.

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