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Virginiatown, Ontario : Grades 7 & 8, 1977.

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Teacher is Mrs. Stratford.
This is a 1977 grade 7 & 8 class trip to Toronto. Many thanks to Ann Aaviku, Debbie Millar, Marlene Stewart and Ellen Watson for providing the names. I'll list the names below but for positions move your cursor over the faces and the names will pop up. If a name doesn't pop up, that person is not yet identified. Unfortunately, this doesn't work on a touch screen.

Identified in place: Guy Begin, Remi Boucher, Lynn Chalifoux, Debra Dougan, Paul Edge, Peter Effenberger, Zineta Isich, Mary Kitty, Virginia Lamb, Debbie Little, Raymond McVicar, Robbie Owens, Danny Ramsay, Laurie Ramsay, Angus Reynolds, Gary Reynolds, Darren Richer, Bobby Sampson, Anita Sarapuk, Curtis Shepherdson, Holly Smith, Barbara Spencer, Mrs. Stratford, Shawn Teeple, Richard Tiedke, Raymond Turcotte, Mike Turner, Kim Vanalstine, Marlene White, Sherry Woolner, Elaine Yerkie, Irene Zielinski.

In the photo but not placed: Jean Rene Daoust, Alan French, Brenda Lauzon, Donald Lauzon, Lucy Levesque, Peter Rusak.

Can you make corrections or provide any missing names?

Thanks to for this photo.

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