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Virginiatown, Ontario,
Grades Four & Five, 1971-72

Virginiatown, Ont., Mrs. Michiel's class, 1971-72

Teacher is Mrs. Michiel.
Back Row, L to R: Mrs. Michiel, Richard Laframboise, Jamie Turner, Neil Vaudry, Mike Gelinas, Bobby Lacroix, Mike Woods, Nicky Orlando.
Middle Row: Richard Thompson, Trevor Vanalstine, Michael Kirby, Terry Dale Vanalstine, probably Katherina Doria, Marie-France Daoust, Blaine Moses, Richard Cookish.
Front Row: Lynne Ramsay, Leona Chalifoux, Judy Steige, Darlene Kitty, Sandra Young, Mary Rusak, Donna French, Cathy Culhane, Elaine White, Connie Girbig, Alice Girbig.

Student list for the above class:
Those missing in the above photo are underlined.
Grade 4: George Archibald, Richard Cookish, Kathleen Culhane, Alice Girbig, Connie Girbig, Michael Kirby, Darlene Kitty, Bobby Lacroix, Richard Laframboise, Nickolas Orlando, Judy Pegg, Lynne Ramsay, Mary Rusak, Pamela St. Jarre, Richard Thompson, Trevor Vanalstine, Michael Woods, Sandra Young.
Grade 5: Gilles Begin, Normand Begin, Leona Chalifoux, Marie-France Daoust, Katherina Doria, Carol Effenberger, Donna French, Michel Gelinas, Blaine Moses, Jamie Turner, Terry Dale Vanalstine, Neil Vaudry, Elaine White.

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