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Virginiatown, Ontario,
Grade Three, 1968-69

Virginiatown, Ont., Joan Massicotte's class, 1968-69

Joan Massicotte's class, probably grade three, 1968-69.
Back Row, L to R: Mrs. Massicotte, Kenny Neal, (unknown), Leonard Shepherdson, (unknown), Bobby Lacroix, Angus Reynolds, Nicky Orlando, Richard Laframboise, George Archibald, Dennis Stransky, Richard Cookish, Michael Kirby.
Front Row, L to R: (unknown), Kerry Kellington, Mary Rusak, Joanne Armstrong, twins Marlene & Darlene Kitty, twins Alice & Connie Girbig, Sharon Salvona, Tina Pugliese, Katie Owens, Cathy Culhane.

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