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Air Cadets, Kirkland Lake, Ont.
1953 to about 1956

The cadets shown here are from 288 Squadron, Kirkland Lake, but some of them lived in Larder Lake, Virginiatown and Kearns. Many thanks to for sending me these photos and to for identifying most of the cadets.

Kirkland Lake Air Cadets, about 1956

Wayne MacAlpine says: ". . . this photo was taken 1953 or 1954 but I lean towards 1953 at RCAF Station Aylmer."

Back Row: Mr. Robert Young the KLCVI principal; Ray Johnson, ? Davis, Don Butorac, Ivan McCracken, Allen Mills, John Richter, Eddie Bourke, Gilles St.Jacques, Murray Bynam, John Dunn, Alan Lees, Mr. Graham.
Middle Row: Philip Algar, Bob Carrie, Don Pysklywec, Ron Nilson, Ken Walker?, Ron Ohlman, (unknown), D'Arcy Closs, Ray McCann, Donald Cook, Sven Matson, Clyde Fong.
Front Row: ? Graham, ? McCarty, Terry Simms, Ed Peicheff, Jack Allingham, Abbie Mason, Wayne MacAlpine, ? Drummond, Jim McCarthy, (unknown), Eddie Bukowski, Gord Williams.

Kirkland Lake Air Cadets, about 1956

The back of this photo is marked "Camp Clinton". Wayne MacAlpine says: "I think (photo was taken) 1954 or 55 . . . I lean toward 1955."

Back row: Wayne MacAlpine, Peter Merrill, Aurele Lemire, Dave Sylvester, Ted Krawchuk, Bill Stefanich, Tom Mulholland, Ted Richter, Gord Wellsby.
Middle row: Philip Algar, John Richter, Bill Russel, Jim Devereaux, Ron Nilson, Bob Carrie, Klym Bolechowsky, Wayne Linton.
Front Row: Ron Ohlman, Ed Peicheff, Oliver Walker from Kearns?, Bob Dennis, Bob Davidson, Darcy Closs, Glenn MacAlpine, Bob Barker, Allen Wilson.

Kirkland Lake Air Cadets, about 1956

This photo is marked Clinton Ont., Aug. 24 with no year (probably 1956).
The cadets are identified (left to right) as LAC Glenn McAlpine of Kirkland Lake and LAC Ed Peicheff of Virginiatown. The cook serving them is Mervyn Derwin of Londesboro, Ont.

Can you identify the remaining cadets and/or give details?

Thanks to for these photos,
and to for most of the names.

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