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Virginiatown, Ontario,
Bowling Awards, mid-1960s

Bowling awards, mid-1960s

Left to Right: Dave Mann, Willie (Furlong) Reimer (in background), Mrs. Gauthier, Rose Pedersen, unknown, unknown.

Bowling awards, mid-1960s

Second from right is Joe MacIntyre; far right is Marcel Ayotte. Can you identify the others?

Bowling awards, mid-1960s

Photo was taken at the Virginiatown Ladies' Bowling League banquet, May 21, 1964, in the basement of St. Paul's Anglican Church.
Left to Right: Mrs. Gerald Ryan, Mrs. Reg Pretty, Rose Pedersen, Marie (Gravel) McIver, Mrs. Sherman Hyatt.
The trophy is now in the museum.

Can you provide missing names and/or details?

Many thanks to for these photos.

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