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Virginiatown, Ontario,
Kindergarten, 1971-72

Virginiatown, Ont., kindergarten 1971-72

Identified so far: The teacher was Mrs. Manseau.
Back row: Robert Cookish, Tom Baker, Derek Callahan, Clinton Sheehan.
Second Row: Jamie Brown, Peter Kirby, Gordon Derion, (unknown), (unknown).
Front row: Shawn Vaudry, Sandra French, Ann Hachey, (unknown), Loretta Francoeur, Wendy Spack, Sherlene Sampson, (unknown).

The unidentifed students are: Natalie Craig, Terry Eno, Marlene Gagne, Billy Sobey, Steffan Richard, Bobby Rennie, Tammy Baker and Helen Effenberger, but which student is which is not known.
Can you place a name to the proper student?

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