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Virginiatown Ontario : Junior Hockey, 1960's

The dates of these photos are unknown but they must be early to mid-1960's. Any information would be appreciated.

Virginiatown Ontario, Blackhawks hockey team

Back Row, L-R: Greg Scarr, Richard Goulet, Bill Jacko (coach), Patrick Bugiel, Billy Jacko.
Front Row, L-R: Bob Jacko, Ivan Gimache(?), Denis Michiel, UNKNOWN.

Virginiatown Ontario, Bruins hockey team

Back Row, L-R: Andy Patterson, Billy Caverly, Eugene Audet, UNKNOWN, Garry Kneireman, David Armstrong.
Front Row, L-R: Maurice Goulet, Claude Noel, Gilles Corbeil, Richard Goulet, Tommy Owens, Gary Croteau.

Virginiatown Ontario, Numbers hockey team

Back Row, L-R: Mr. MacAulay, #12 Wardy Francoeur, #8 Eugene Audet, #6 Bill Wilson, #5 Richard Goulet, #10 Billy Caverly.
Front Row, L-R: #8 UNKNOWN, #9 Bob Jacko, #1 Murry Stevens, #2 Patrick Bugiel, #15 David Laframboise.

Can you provide missing names, corrections or details?

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