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Air Cadets, Sudbury, Ont., 1955

This photo was taken in 1955 at RCAF Station Clinton, Ont. The cadets are from 200 Sudbury Squadron, but at least two of them used to live in the Larder Lake - Virginiatown area.

Sudbury Air Cadets, 1955

Front Row: Far left is Gary Denny who lived in Kearns and Larder Lake before he moved to Sudbury.
Middle Row: 6th from left is Roy Chrapchynski who used to live in Larder Lake.

Back row, L to R: Jack MacIntosh; Art Quesnal; Brian Wattie; Gord Tones; Mike Kelley; Dave Marchand; R. Brazeau; Bob Blais; Obonsawin; UNKNOWN; Gary Shulman; Arvin Kyre; F.O. Irwin, RCAF attached to Cadets for Summer Camp.
Middle row: Mike White; Bob Bourne; Wayne Shelswell; Mike Spencer; Ron Shulman; Roy Chrapchynski; Paul Chalker; Ron Gauthier; McGillis; Bob Bertrand.
Front Row: Gary Denny; Tom Smith; Richard Sauve; Jim Grey; McCelland; Garnet Benhke; Ray Mossy; Gary Noble; M. Boileau; Florian Bergeron.

Can you identify the unknown cadet and/or give details?

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