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Virginiatown Ontario,
Boys' Hockey Teams, 1950s & 1960s

I've placed these four photos in approximate chronological order based on the apparent age of Martin Budden who appears in the first three. Due to a tremendous response to this set of photos, it took only three days to put names to most of the players. But there are still several unidentified and a few uncertain IDs.

Virginiatown Ontario, junior hockey, 1950s
Note that this photo appears far right on the wall in the background of the next photo below.

Back: Constable Colin or Bob Cousins ("who chased us many times for raiding gardens").
Middle Row, L to R: Martin Budden, Peter Campbell, possibly Ken Berard, Bob Bourne.
Front Row: Wayne Thomas, Brian Graham, Gordon Smith (goalie), Bill Raney, Paul Baker.

Virginiatown Ontario, junior hockey, 1950s
Coach: Possibly Veter Slater(?).
Back Row: (unknown), Murray Fulkerson, Larry Sauer.
Front Row, L to R: (unknown), Lloyd Gore, Ray Lafrance, Martin Budden.

Virginiatown Ontario, junior hockey, 1950s
Back Row: Doug Jeffery (coach), Cameron Shelp, Don Draper, Steve Jeffery, Marty Budden, Armin Khume, Joe Poulin, "Bummer" Doran (coach).
Front Row, L to R: Billy Doran (stick boy), Charlie Little, John Patterson (goalie), Mervin Arthur, Donny Arthur.
Sitting on Floor: Jeffery Russell.

Virginiatown Ontario, junior hockey, 1960s
This photo is more likely from the mid-1960s.
Back Row: Winfield Budden (coach), Ron Acton, John Henderson, Germaine or Claude Noel, Jaan Aaviku.
Front Row, L to R: Phil Owens, Bill Jacko, Murray Stevens (goalie), Bob Jacko, Richard Goulet.

Can you provide the two missing names or more details?

Thanks to for these photos.

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