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Virginiatown Ontario: Boys' Hockey Teams, 1950s & 1960s

These four photos were placed in approximate chronological order based on the apparent age of Martin Budden who appears in the first three. Due to a tremendous response to this set of photos, it took only three days to put names to most of the players. But there are still several unidentified or uncertain IDs.

Virginiatown Ontario, junior hockey, 1950s

Note that this photo appears far right on the wall in the background of the photo below.
Back: Constable Colin or Bob Cousins ("who chased us many times for raiding gardens").
Middle Row, L - R: Martin Budden, Peter Campbell, possibly Ken Berard, Bob Bourne.
Front Row: Wayne Thomas, Brian Graham, Gordon Smith (goalie), Bill Raney, Paul Baker.

Virginiatown Ontario, junior hockey, 1950s

Coach: Possibly Veter Slater(?).
Back Row: UNKNOWN, Murray Fulkerson, Larry Sauer.
Front Row, L - R: UNKNOWN, Lloyd Gore, Ray Lafrance, Martin Budden.

Virginiatown Ontario, junior hockey, 1950s

Back Row: Doug Jeffery (coach), Cameron Shelp, Don Draper, Steve Jeffery, Marty Budden, Armin Kuhme, Joe Poulin, "Bummer" Doran (coach).
Front Row, L - R: Billy Doran (stick boy), Charlie Little, John Patterson (goalie), Mervin Arthur, Donny Arthur.
Sitting on Floor: Jeffery Russell.

Virginiatown Ontario, junior hockey, 1960s
This photo is more likely from the mid-1960s.
Back Row: Winfield Budden (coach), Ron Acton, John Henderson, Germaine or Claude Noel, Jaan Aaviku.
Front Row, L - R: Phil Owens, Bill Jacko, Murray Stevens (goalie), Bob Jacko, Richard Goulet.

Can you provide the two missing names or more details?

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