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McGarry Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., 1965

These clippings are from the Kirkland Lake Northern Daily News, June 24, 1965.

McGarry Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., 1965

" Bob Caverly, a member of the McGarry Volunteer Fire Brigade, takes aim as the water is turned on so he can douse a practice target. The firemen are preparing for the annual Volunteer firemen competitions being held this year at Cochrane. (Schaefer Photo) ".

McGarry Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., 1965

This clipping is not dated but presumably it is from the same issue of the Northern Daily News as the one above. The cutline reads: " A four-man team of McGarry Volunteer Fire Brigade members runs over a measured 75-yard distance with hoses as they get into condition for the volunteer fire brigade competitions in Cochrane. Members of the McGarry team seen here are Tom Owens, Fern Legault, Bill Budden and Butch Hart. (Schaefer Photo) ".

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