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Virginiatown Ontario :
Mr. & Mrs. William Budden,
25th Wedding Anniversary, Nov. 1964.

Virginiatown Ontario, Mr. & Mrs. William Budden, 25th Wedding Anniversary, 1964

The photo cutline is as follows:

" Virginiatown (Special) -- A surprise party was held recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Budden of 30th Street, Virginiatown, when family and friends gathered to honor them on their 25th wedding anniversary. The hostesses were, Mrs. E. Aaviku, Mrs. W. Hedderson and Mrs. W. Thorpe. During the evening a tasty buffet supper was served. The guests of honor were presented with a silver tea set by their neighbors, and gifts of silver by their family. Those attending included: Chester Shelp, Mr. and Mrs. William Thorpe, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Caverly, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. William Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. William Hedderson, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sparks, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Savoie, Mr. and Mrs. Endel Aaviku, John Caverly, Gary Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Furlong, Mr. and Mrs. M. Budden and Mr. and Mrs. R. Budden. " (Schaefer Photo).

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