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Virginiatown, Ontario,
Six "hunters", 1952.

Virginiatown, Ontario : hunters, 1952

Left to Right: Mervin Arthur, John Baker, Don ?, Paul Baker, Ralph Hargraves, Jimmy Arthur.
Front row is a hapless partridge and the Bakers' lab Prince.

John Baker says: "This was taken about Sept. 1952 in front of our house on "Snob Hill". We had been out in the woods behind the houses with our BB guns and sling shots when we spotted the partridge which we shot at and chased until it finally managed, wounded, to fly into a tall tree. We were unable to make the poor bird fall from the tree so some of us went home to get a real gun. My mother Rose caught us trying to get our air rifle and we were told in uncertain terms that the gun would stay locked up. Ralph Hargraves got his 410 shotgun (I think with permission) and we went back to the tree where Ralph made short work of the bird which was then triumphantly returned home, only to be greeted by our concerned parents. They relented finally and my father stopped laughing long enough to snap this historical or hysterical picture. My mother, who was from Boston, had never prepared a wild bird or even an unplucked chicken, cooked the partridge after we boys did more havoc to its poor carcass. We all got a little taste and parted hungry for more V-Town adventure. "

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