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Virginiatown Public School,
Grades Seven & Eight, 1976/77

Virginiatown Public School, Grade eight, 1960s

The teacher at far left is Jaan Lees and the teacher in the middle of the middle row is Mrs. Stratford.

Back row from left: Irene Zielinski, Robbie Owens, unknown, unknown, Terry Prest, unknown, Gary Reynolds.
Middle row from left: Jaan Lees (teacher), Raymond Turcott, unknown, unknown, Margaret Stratford, unknown, Zineta Isich, unknown, unknown.
Front row, 4th from left: Paul Edge. Others are unknown.

This is the official class list sent to me by . Note that Paul Edge doesn't appear in it.

Teacher: Jaan Lees. Students: Allaire, John; Begin, Guy; Effengerger, Carol; Engleking, Eileen; Hodgins, Kevin; Isich, Zineta; Jensen, Chris; Lauzon, Brenda; Lauzon, Donald; Owens, Robbie; Prest, Terry; Ramsay, Laurie; Reynolds, Gary; Rusak, Peter; Sampson, Robert; Sarapuk, Annie; Shepherdson, Curtis; Smith, Holly; Turcott, Raymond; Turner, Michael; Vanalstine, Kim; White, Marlene; Woolner, Sherry; Yerkie, Elaine; Zielinski, Irene.

Many thanks to for this photo.

Can you match the class list names to any faces?

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