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Virginiatown, Ontario,
Kindergarten Class, 1966

Virginiatown, Ont., kindergarten, 1966

Teacher Miss McMorin, Kindergarten 1966.
Back Row, L to R: Terry Richer, Doug Culhane, UNKNOWN, Stephen Spack, Paul Bugiel, Doug Zubernick, David Hart, UNKNOWN, Jamie Turner, UNKNOWN, Miss McMorin.
Middle Row: Ronnie Moses, Patricia Neill, Christine Reynolds, Jean Sue, Ann Aaviku, Cathy Lowe(?), Brenda Schultz(?), Leo or David Denner, William (Billy) McLenachan.
Front Row: Oylunn Hums, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Kathy Doria?, Heather Lamont, Debbie Sampson, Maureen Massicotte.

Virginiatown, Ont., kindergarten, 1966

Kindergarten "choir", 1966.
Left to Right: Elaine Baker, Maureen Massicotte, Ann Aaviku, Jean Sue, Heather Lamont, Oylunn Hums, William (Billy) McLenachan.

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