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Kearns Ontario : Who was Katharine (Katarina or Katy) Sheremeta?

Katharine Sheremeta

Katarina / Katharine Sheremeta.

Sheremeta was Katarina's married name, after she married Harry (photo below). Her family lived in Kearns, and she moved back there to live with them after he died in Toronto in 1967. Her surname on Harry's gravestone (see photo at the bottom of this page) is RAFALL – is that her birth surname or her first married name? It's just been discovered she died in 1992 and her grave is in the Kirkland Lake cemetery. The couple had no children, but Harry had at least one child by his first wife, because one of his great-grandsons is asking about them. Please contact Harry's great-grandson, if you have any information.

Portrait of Harry Sheremeta

Harry Sheremeta.

Harry was originally from the Ukraine, was a widower, and may have married Katarina in Kearns. He may have worked in one of the mines, but this is unknown. The couple lived in Toronto until Harry died there in 1967, and Katarina moved back to Kearns to be with her family. What is his story? What is her story? Please contact his great-grandson, if you have any information.

Harry Sheremeta's gravestone

Harry Sheremeta's gravestone in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto. It gives the surname of his wife Catharine Rafall.

Katarina Sheremeta's gravestone

Katarina (Katy) Sheremeta's gravestone in the Kirkland Lake Cemetery.

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