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Virginiatown Ontario : Separate School Students, 1959-60.

Many thanks to Vicha (Ostapiej) Hajdamowicz for these three photos. She identified the students she remembers, but most names are missing. Please note that the names on the images were written by Vicha, and on the top and middle photos she put the names ABOVE each portrait. Thanks also to Marcella Christiansen for adding many names.

Virginiatown Separate School Glee Club, 1959-60

Separate School Glee Club.
Top Row, L-R: Sofie Michalski, John Chilinski, Kathleen Thornton, Paul Baker, Linda Ryan.
3rd Row: Terry Daigle, Vicha Ostapiej, Patricia Thornton, UNKNOWN.
2nd Row: Walter Lopata, Rick Larmond, Donald Larmond, Peter Judge, Ann Marie Kirkey.
Bottom Row: Susan Smith, John Gallagher, UNKNOWN, Pat Barbour, Christina Michalski.

Virginiatown Separate School Primary Grades, 1959-60

Looks like kindergarten and primary grades.
Top Row, L-R: Joanne Leclair, Mark Oehring, Rosina Tittarelli, Barb Chilinski(??), Teresa MacIntyre (now Daoust), Elizabeth Duncan, Gino Tittarelli.
4th Row: Far left is Ken Barbour; 2nd from right is Rick Sipura.
3rd Row: Far left is Paul Leclair; next left is Danuta Gorgalinski; 2nd from right is Theresa Ostapiej.
2nd Row: 2nd from right is Carol Massicotte; far right is Debbie Lamoureux.
Bottom Row: 4th from left may be Barb Lopata(??); Far right is Henry Ostapiej.

Virginiatown Separate School Middle Grades, 1959-60

Middle grades, with unidentified teacher. There are seven rows. From top to bottom are:
Top Row, L-R: The student and teacher are UNIDENTIFIED.
6th Row: 2nd from left is Donald Larmond.
3rd Row: 2nd from left is Rick Larmond, next left is Tadeusz (Ted) Gilbutowicz.
2nd Row, L-R: Raymond Ostapiej, Garry Lamoureux, UNIDENTIFIED, UNIDENTIFIED.
Bottom Row, L-R: Far left is Linda Croteau, next two are UNIDENTIFIED, then John Gallagher, Vicha Ostapiej.

Can you provide missing names, details or comments?

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