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Virginiatown Ontario : Capitol Hotel, 1953

Capitol Hotel, 1953

Thanks to for this photo. He says: " The picture was taken at the entrance to the Capitol Hotel in Virginiatown. The building was situated on Connell Ave. It was a boarding house with bedrooms upstairs and a large dining room and kitchen on the main floor. It was occupied by single men working at the Kerr Addison Mine. "
Far left is Matt's mother, Ella Reimer; seated next right in the white shirt is Lembit Soon, seated next right is Matt Reimer; standing behind Matt is his sister "Blossom"; standing next right are the Soon's -- Henry and Anna; standing next to Matt's sister is August Molder.
Matt says: " We all came to Canada two years earlier on the same converted freighter along with about 150 others to work in Northern Ontario. "

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