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Photos of Kearns Ontario & area, 2009

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Kearns Ontario, 2009

Downtown, Kearns, Ontario. Photo taken in June, 2009.

Kearns Avenue, Kearns Ontario, 2009

This is a panorama of the west side of Kearns Avenue in June, 2009.
Starting with the white house with the red roof, Art Brown says when they moved away the Gillis family lived there; next left was the Blevins family. When we (the Dobie's) moved away in January, 1953, the blue house (just left of the birch trees) was occupied by the Grozelle family (and before them, the Hammond family); next left were the Mayhews; next left, with the peak cut off, was our house just vacated; next left were the Comiskys and next left (one of the houses burned in 2007 by an arsonist) were the Monettes; and last left (also burned) were the Schultz family.
At the far left of the street you can see a few remaining sculptures by Joe Nickerson.

Kearns Arms Hotel, Kearns Ontario, 2009

The old Kearns Arms Hotel in downtown Kearns, Ontario. It looks derelict.

Lynch Avenue, Kearns Ontario, 2009

The corner of Government Road and Lynch Avenue, Kearns, Ontario.

Kearns Beach on Larder Lake, Kearns Ontario, 2009

A view of Virginiatown from Kearns Beach on Larder Lake. Significantly missing are all of the Kerr-Addison mine buildings which used to sit on top of the hill at right.

Kearns Beach on Larder Lake, Kearns Ontario, 2009

This is the mouth of Bear Creek where it empties into Larder Lake. The grass in the foreground covers the old mine tailings which used to be bare clay and sand in the 1950's.

Kearns Beach on Larder Lake, Kearns Ontario, 2009

The old mine tailings seem to have been eroded away. This photo shows the remains of what used to be a mile of bare mine tailings which was completely clear of vegetation.


Bear Creek, Kearns Ontario, 2009

The mouth of Bear creek as it enters Larder Lake. You can see some Virginiatown buildings on the hill at the right, and what remains of Kearns Beach is out of the photo to the left.

Bear Creek, Kearns Ontario, 2009

Bear Creek, near Kearns, Ontario. June, 2009.

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