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Downtown Virginiatown, Ontario, 1947

Virginiatown, Ontario, 1947

Main Steet in downtown Virginiatown, Ontario. The Capitol Hotel is the only sign visible.

Virginiatown, Ontario, 1947

Connell Ave., in downtown Virginiatown, Ontario, in 1947.

August, 2020 : Ellen Watson says in part: "The two men are walking down Connell, the main drag of Virginiatown . . . . There is a man in the middle of the white building behind them, in front of that sparse looking tree -- that was the trail the men from the mine would come down if they walked to work. When you left Kerr Addison the men walked down the path (where I would sit and wait for my father) then crossed the road, and down the trail, then you came to the back lane and then turned out where the man is shown, onto Connell; the two men walking with their lunch pails obviously had also used that trail. And, the white building was where Northern Telephone had the telephone office. My oldest sister was a telephone operator in that building for a few years as many others were until the dial phones were installed in VTown. "

Virginiatown, Ontario, 1947

Waite Avenue, Virginiatown, Ontario, in 1947.

Bill Croshaw says in part: " On Waite Ave the white house was ours and the house on the right was Reg McWatters house. He drove a Model T Ford and had enough parts in the garage to make another one."

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