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Virginiatown, Ontario, McGarry Public School,
Sixth Grade, 1952

This is part of my sixth grade class at McGarry Public School, Virginiatown, Ont., late 1952 or January, 1953. I took this photo to remember them after I moved away, but I've forgotten almost everyone.

Sixth grade at McGarry Public School, Virginiatown, Ont., 1952
Use the key numbers in the outline below to identify the students. Those I can remember are: (6) Carol Nugent; (7) Wayne Moline; (10) Monica Sampson; (14) Clifford Little; (15) Doug MacAulay; (20) Lorna Hilder; (21) Charlie Little; (24) Victor del Bosco; (26) Phillip Oehring; (27) Jim Row.


Can you identify anyone else?

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