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Downtown Virginiatown, Ont., 1950-55

Downtown Virginiatown, Ont., 1950-55

As far as I can tell, this looks down Webster St., across Connell Ave., and up Reddick Ave. I used Google Street View to identify it but most of the buildings are gone now.

May 2, 2010: An email from Mike Molotkin says: " The building at the bottom of the hill, left of the parked black truck, is the former McGarry Hotel. Right across the street was the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. At the back of the photo, top left, was the Elementary school, and behind that in the distance was the Kerr Addison bunk house. The dark-sided building up the hill from the CIBC was the former Lamoureux Barber shop and hardware store which in the 1970's also housed the Post office. Across the street from this building would have been the old Strand Theatre, which shut in 1970 I believe. "

June 24, 2014: An email from Theresa Adair Michiel says in part: " . . . (the) two toned building on right edge of photo was/is Percy Richter's home. Percy was a local birder and wildlife painter and an early birder from the old Kirkland Lake Nature Club. "

Can you make corrections or provide more information?

Thanks to for this photo.

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