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Fifth or Sixth Grade,
McGarry Public School, about 1952

The photo is of my fifth grade class at McGarry Public School, Virginiatown, Ont., about 1952. This was an operetta of some sort we put on, possibly for Christmas.

Sixth grade at McGarry Public School, Virginiatown, Ont., 1952

Use the key numbers in the outline below to identify the students.
And use the enlargement (see link below) to help you.
Identified so far: (1) Pamela Stewart; (2) Connie Draper; (3) Louise Cadieux; (4) Jacqueline Russell; (5) Helen Szabuna; (6) Johnny Patterson; (8) Jeannine Croshaw; (9) Mary (or Monica) Sampson; (10) Rita French; (11) Monica (or Mary) Sampson; (12) Barry Fenton; (13) Mervyn Arthur; (14) Clem Cyr; (15) Jim Row; (16) Mike Radakovich; (17) Carol Nugent; (19) Alan Sauer; (20) Peter Russell; (21) Jeannie Innis; (22) John Basich; (23) Gary Peterson or Kenny Pederson; (24) Jack Eagle; (25) Charlie Little; (26) Billy Cyr; (27) Lorna Hilder; (28) Wayne Moline; (29) Joyce Nickerson; (30) Doug MacAulay; (31) Victor del Bosco; (32) Philip Oehring; (33) Clifford Little; (34) Barry Pollock; (35) Eberhard Esser(?); (37) Charles (Kit) Dobie.

Click here to see an enlargement of the students only.

Can you provide corrections or additional names?

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